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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

#CelebratingOthers - "Go With the Flow" with Russ Little - Fiber Artist

I have had a lot of "crazy" juju going on in my life lately, and quilting has always been my "center" to get me back to that even keel feeling...especially that unexplainable "sewjo" most quilters get when their machine and their projects are humming along nicely.

So when Russ Little, a local fiber artist, was invited to speak at our quilt guild tonight, I was glad to attend (my/our plans to travel to Ohio this evening (sorry, Linda Misencik) got canceled due to various unforeseen issues). He had just the right "mojo" or "Go With the Flow" attitude to get me (and perhaps other folks) out of a not-so-good-zone, to one that we'd like to get those creative juices flowing once again. Russ's work in his various art forms (quilting, painting, mixed media fiber art and wearable art) are truly amazing, and he meticulously walked us through the various steps he takes to get that reachable flow going in the right direction with his beautiful creations. It was, hands down, the proverbial shot in the arm to, at least, get NeedleOnFull back in the saddle and work!

Russ even commented on how to promote flow, which is basically learning and practice; take a look at our environment (eliminate distractions for one); find new and interesting projects; make honest assessments on your skills and definitely nurture self care. He has a great perspective on the spirituality of art and how that can effect the work or project at hand, trusting that all will go well in the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation tonight and gained a lot of insight, not only of Russ's artistic endeavors and what make him "flow", but the way he set forth in challenging each and every one of us by helping us decide to create when we can and stick to a "plan." This, in turn, will allow that project to turn out the best it can be. And that is something to be truly grateful for.

Please click on Russ's link to learn more about Russ and his awesome work! He has a fantastic website:

You can also meet Russ and his beautiful wearable art at our upcoming Quilt Show; March 23, 24, 2019 at Samuel Ogle Middle School in Bowie, Maryland.

BSoleille! The bright side of #CelebratingOthers with Fiber Artist, Russ Little!


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