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Saturday, January 26, 2019

#Celebrating Others with Nicola Quilter of London

While our trip to London mostly included "window shopping", we did happen upon an indoor/outdoor market at Covent Garden that had a lot of vendors from the local people. One vendor, Nicola Quilter, by name alone...Quilter... I had to check out her merchandise. I found that I was drawn to explore her entire booth that encompassed her signature look of vibrant and colorful flowers on mostly black skirts (she also does embroidery on coats as well). All her embroidery designs are originals and they are spectacular!

As I continued to admire her very cute designs, we began a discussion about quilting, her surname Quilter, and how she designs and got into the business. The first thing she mentioned is that she sews her vibrant embroidery patterns on a Bernina Sewing machine. She then stated that she began making the skirts 17 years ago, and today, has expanded her business to include six associates that sew, embroider and sell the skirts in multiple London locations (not all on the same day). Prior to selling at markets in and around London, Nicola said she sold her merchandise wholesale, but prefers meeting her customers "the old-fashioned" way as in an outdoor market setting.

Although my mini-interview with Nicola was garnered through trying on a couple skirts (she helped me slip them over my head because I had on layered clothing), we worked it to get the right size for me just in case I would purchase one.) As we continued to talk, I was mentally trying to decide which one I liked best to purchase, and kept going back and forth on a couple of favorites.

But as the idea of visiting this super cute outdoor market, and Nicola being a local London artist, I finally decided that I would not only buy one skirt, but two.

In case you plan on visiting London, definitely check out the Covent Garden area and say 'hello' to Nicola Quilter...especially if you are a quilter! To check out Nicola's creations: http://www.nicolaquilter.com/



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