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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Observations from the Road 2018/Home Sweet Home

Thankfully, after driving nearly 3800 miles in the last two weeks, Ryan (in-coming travel companion) and I made it safely home late this afternoon. Wow, what a trip back and forth to "The Colorful State of Colorado." A huge shout of thanks to my first overnight send off in Cleveland, The Kocan's, where a good night sleep helped launch the first leg of the trip with my outgoing travel companions, Beth Tomoff and Linda Misencik.

The last leg of the trip and overnight stay was with my sister-in-law, Jan Williams, in Columbus, Ohio, and a shout of thanks to her for hosting Ryan and me as well!

If you love road travel, maybe you can attest to some of these observations from the road this past July from Maryland to Colorado and back:

*The trucking industry is alive and well, as we saw more trucks over all the highways and byways more than last summer. Plus, this commerce industry was well "documented" with their hauls of logs, pigs, horses, propane tanks, huge wheels, rocket ship parts (threw that in to see if you are paying attention...!), windmill propellers and a whole bunch more. Seems like more trucks that cars this year.

*Corn, yep, the USA certainly has thousands and thousands of acres of corn growing at all rates: knee high, to waist high to head high and beyond. Rows and rows and rows of the stuff in every state!

*Cloud formations and storms...you just can't miss the big sky while driving for miles and miles; and the good thing is, the changes from big puffy white clouds, to streaks of white and grey to dark forming clouds...and finally, the storms. Not a fan, but the automobile kept moving forward despite the lightning and rain (we drove through one storm that was five miles long....).

*RV Travel: Is it a baby boomer thing? Especially the Class A RV's with the little car being towed behind the big trailer; so many more on the roads this year it seemed, but it is the height of the travel/vacation season.

*Last but not least, the driving, and particularly, the drivers out there in any four, two or eighteen wheelers. We love polite drivers, those that use blinkers, give plenty of space when passing, and then stay in the right lane until passing. 99% of the trip, I must admit, polite drivers and driving. And that 1%...well, they could use some brushing up on their skills.

Until the next time...

BSoleille! The bright side of safe travels and being home sweet home!


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Unknown said...

There is nothing like a good "road" trip to see everything. Seems like most of us are in too big of a hurry to get to different places.