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Friday, July 20, 2018

Celebrating Others - Loo-C-Loo; Aren't Dogs "People" Too?

It's been 18 days since we lost our beloved Loo-C-Loo; and as many can attest, it's a weird feeling of not having them around any longer. I believe anyone losing a great pet has the same exact feeling(s) the world over.

The whole family misses her terribly, especially the click-clack of her long nails down the hallway, the greetings at the door, the snuggles on the sofa, her shedding...especially in the summer..., OK, well, maybe not the shedding, but it's a feeling that cannot be quantified. She was a steady presence for many years, and her blue-eyed gaze at me while I quilted will be one of the things I miss the most.

I guess it's getting used to a new normal once again, and the family decided on taking a break from having a four-legged pooch for awhile. We can't replace her and don't even want to try at this point. So the house will be eerily quiet and we will miss those loud dog yawns, hums, harrumphs and a woof every now again. She, like so many cats and dogs all over the world, are our pet...or can they be our "people" too? I say emphatically, "they are!"

Olivia&Ryan and Loo-C

Lucky and Loo-C

One of her favorite spots in the house

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