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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Guest Blogger About Evernote (Anything, Anywhere, Anytime)

Now in my fifth year of blogging, I never had a "guest" blogger until today. And why not?  I am going to mix it up a bit this year!  I still try to stay up with a lot the technology, but, let's face it, it is  really overwhelming at times.  My husband likes to push me into the halls of technology, (and sometimes I think he is really over the top), and would shout on the rooftops if he could about so many great apps and tools available for everyone's use.  His "big" one now that he is all over is Evernote!  Let me introduce you to Bill Tomoff, and his thoughts on Evernote!

How honored I am to do a guest blog post for Terri and Quilts From the Heart!

In my personal and professional lives, I am always on the quest to identify productivity tools in order to leverage for effectiveness in my day to day life. The goal is to be "touching and feeling" as much as possible which then increases awareness. If you follow me on Twitter @BTomoffCPA you will note a few hashtags for my passion...#EliminateTheFriction and #AwarenessIsLeverage. I Love to help others learn, develop and increase awareness!

In the last 2 years, Evernote has evolved to my favorite tool, so much value to me I have upgraded from the free model to premium for $49.99 per year! PC Magazine gave Evernote an "Excellent" rating and it remains an Editors' Choice productivity tool. Simply described, Evernote is "one workspace" to write, collect, and discuss / collaborate information with others. The incredible efficiency aspect is to think of "anything, anywhere, anytime" which means information you need is truly at your disposal whether in your computer or when you are out and about with your mobile device tablet or smartphone!

To dig into further information on Evernote, @DTomoffCPA and I have collaborated on a Flipboard Magazine titled Evernote Training!

Take a huge step in 2016 and embrace the power of Evernote. Indeed, #EliminateTheFriction...and enjoy having anything, anywhere, at anytime!

PS - Inspiration from Seth Godin today...invest in "The first fifteen minutes" and ultimately pick up thousands of minutes of future leverage!
BSolielle! Cheers for something else to remember things we will forget....elephant brain forever!



An old throwback to the sixties said...

Evernote has changed my life, which would be in shambles if Evernote goes away.

Terri Tomoff said...

Thank you! It is changing my life too! I've shared your comment with my husband and he's dancing around the kitchen!🤗