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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rainbows and Redskins

Maybe some blogpost readers have wondered if I was still quilting since I have not posted anything "quilty" in a long while. Ah, but I have, and today I am sharing the story that goes along with the tshirt quilt I made for Sharon and Lee Johnsen, with their "big" reveal today in LaPlata, Maryland. 

Our family met the Johnsen's at Georgetown University Hospital when their son Chad was battling his battle with childhood cancer.  Unfortunately, Chad lost his battle in 1998, but the family still remained active with Special Love and the camps and our cancer families "ties" remained close through the years. 

Then in 2008, their lovely daughter, Rachel, was involved in a single car crash  on a country road in Southern Maryland that was fatal. Heartbreak for this family once again. How do you go on you may ask yourself?  But they did....

And then the "impossible" happened, and Sharon and Lee received a call that their only living child, 28 year old Kyle, had died unexpectedly in 2011. Really this is incomprehensible to the human heart and mind, but this wonderful couple has endured through the pain and grief of losing all three of their children. 

So today it was great to spend the afternoon with them reminiscing about their children and presenting them a memory filled quilt with all three of their kids favorite shirts. It was a privilege and honor for me to painstakingly work on this quilt to make it "just right" for Sharon and Lee. 

Lastly, the backing of the quilt is Redskin fabric since they are all fans of the team. The rainbow fabric used on the front symbolizes the rainbows Sharon had seen when Kyle died (she saw three that day) and other times as well. Goosebumps, yes?

Really though, the love of their family and friends have kept this wonderful couple going through some very difficult days for sure. And I am thankful for that!


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