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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Biltmore to Bear Sighting and Hiking In Between!

It's a great feeling to tick off a bucket list item, and for me it's taking a peek inside that beautiful home of Americana - The Biltmore. It did not disappoint, and even though the house was lovely, the gardens and surrounding area was equally breathtaking...all within the backdrop of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.  In addition, a Downton Abbey exhibit was also available to see, and we got to there one hour before closing to check it all out. They had several sets from filming the show in the exhibit, and "The Best Daughter" and I loved the dining room with all the finery of a great set table best. Everything was there: the china, crystal glasses, cutlery as well as the table and chairs, candles and fresh flowers. If only the Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith could have sat down with us and delighted us with a few of her best witted quotes.

Our mornings were filled with awesome hikes in the Mountains that were spectacular from the first step in, coupled with perfect weather and a bear sighting this morning, I'd say the trip is quite successful. We also loved the funky vibe around Asheville and the River Arts District plethora of wonderful artists and their studios. Of course, no one ever has enough time exploring a new town (for us), and we ran into that o too. 

But the greatest gift of all was spending time with "The Best Daughter." She's an awesome young lady and it was an honor for me to deepen our mother/daughter relationship with everything we shared here in Asheville, NC and beyond.

BSoleille! The bright side of kickin' the hikes in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!


Photos from the weekend below:

Biltmore Gardens

Olivia on veranda at the Biltmore

Downton Abbey's Mrs. Patmore's Kitchen

The Dining Room from Downton Abbey

Bear Sighting...

One of thousands of hiking trails in the BRP

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