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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Gorilla Glue and Car Repair

Raise your hand if you ever used Gorilla Glue? Now keep it raised if you ever used it to repair your vehicle. And by the way, I am NOT receiving any compensation for this post, but when something is good, and works, I will gladly spread the news...

I must admit that I've seen Gorilla Tape at some point, had never used it before, but actually purchased a roll (like duct tape) when we desperately needed some for our 2019 Quilt Show and did not have time to get to a big box store. I ended up buying it at our local Auto Zone store on the way to show set up. When I walked in I asked for the aisle of duct tape, and the counter salesman smirked and said they only had one roll of Gorilla Tape and that was it. I bought it and never looked back. The stuff is "magic" and worked for our needs at the show and beyond.

When "The Best Daughter" kept having trouble keeping her front bumpers in place (they kept popping out over the last couple of years) the lightbulb went off for me and I mentioned we should try the Gorilla Glue! Due to the home improvements I've done lately, I ended up purchasing not only liquid nails, twice, but Gorilla Glue for fixing an ear for one of my wooden giraffes from Africa. More importantly though, I actually used it for the wooden transition piece after the flooring was installed because nothing else seemed to work (too shallow for a nail) to keep the piece of wood down. 

After carefully reading the directions on how to use the stuff (very easy), we gave it the old college try, and violá, it worked!  Two weeks ago, when "TBD" was visiting, I mentioned that we should try the Gorilla Glue on her bumpers. What does she have to lose? The stuff dries clear, so even that wasn't an issue. So we applied as directed and waited...for it to dry, then for her to drive home with bumpers intact, and they held up! Then a week went by, and they are still intact. I don't know how long it will hold up, but I/we think it's pretty good that the glue has held up for this long already. 

We are fans... Are you a fan? What have you used it for?



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