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Welcome to my Blog of my daily gratitude and photo of the day!

Since January 1, 2012, my goal is to write a daily sentence or two about gratitude of the day and to include one photo (at least) that I took that day (but will add others from time to time). It has defintely been a challenge every day throughout the past three years, but I welcome the challenge again this year 2015. I hope you will continue the ride with me!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Beckwith Pass

About 20 miles north of Crested Butte, Colorado, lies some of the most beautiful wilderness in the United States, especially the "white barked" aspens which we hiked through this morning along panoramic vistas at every turn on the pristine Beckwith Trail.

We learned from our waiter, Sam, at the Bonez restaurant last night in CB, that the Kebler Pass, located in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado, is home to one of the largest aspen groves in the United States. This aspen grove has been tested and found to be a clonal colony and grows from a single root system and is a single living organism! It is a spectacular sight for sure. The hike was very isolated (saw only a few people) and forded several creeks and rivers (mountain run off) as we continued to be in total awe throughout the entire morning of the sights and sounds in this mountain range with clear blue skies and striking beauty surrounding us. (Photos simply do not do justice with the depth and breadth of the ranges).

Once back to our primitive Lost Lake camp, we were met with an anonymous delivery of hand picked wildflowers set on the windshield of our car, and we felt it was a fitting send off for our time totally off the grid for almost three days!

BSoleille! The bright side of mountain hiking.


Photos from the glorious day

Lost Lake

Linda in the Aspens

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wildflowers Galore

Although we are "off the grid" for most of the day, in town we can get on our data/wifi; hence my posts. Thankfully, the phone cameras work (along with the others cameras brought) without service and turn into "data junkies" when service is available.

The Lupine Trail we did today yielded an abundance of photo ops of wildflowers posted today. There is certainly an adventure around every corner as well, mostly culminating in all the majestic panoramic views from any coordinate. This country is blessed with so much beauty and I am/we are grateful to witness a small sliver of western Colorado in all its summer glory!

BSoleille! The bright side of summer wildflowers...


wildflower in red

Linda in the Lupine

Laying in the Lupine

wildflower in orange

view from our campsite tonight - Lost Lake (20 miles and a 45 min. drive from town)

Summer Solstice Off the Grid

Deep into the "wild and free" areas of Crested Butte, Colorado, there is "no service" whatsoever and there is a sense of being truly unplugged to the "outside" world. But beauty abounds in every direction; from the snow-capped mountain tops, to the blooming lupine and wildflowers, to the waterfalls and lastly, the babbling Slate River running through Crested Butte at every turn.

Travel companion, Linda Misencik, and I are pinching ourselves on how very thankful we are to embark on this adventure and the celebration of the summer solstice at 10,000 ft. and higher!

BSoleille! The bright side of sweet smelling pine mountain air!

Photos of some of the sights in CB

Judd Falls Trail Head

wildflower of Colorado

view from trail

beautiful green wild"flower"

lupine in all directions

home sweet home!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1742 Miles

Final destination to Boulder, Colorado safely reached! I am thankful for the last three days of sunny skies and open roads across this great land through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado! My observations over the last 26 hours of travel include: the most polite drivers (includes use of blinkers, no tailgaters and easy mergers for oncoming vehicles), hands down "winner"- the great state of Iowa; the most "popular" pickup truck colors - Silver Silverados and red or black Ford 150's; and since it's vacation season and lots of RV's on the road, I only saw two cool Airstreams. A good night sleep is welcome to be rested for the next adventure here in Colorado.


Photo upon my arrival to Boulder

Monday, June 19, 2017

Trio Travel

"Trio travel" (by automobile), as in; me, myself and I, is not too shabby. I am currently on a solo trip bound for Boulder, Colorado (to meet up with friends...and a wedding at the end of the month), and have traveled close to 1200 miles in the last two days. So far I have listened to two books, as well as a few music CD's and have been "lost" in thought for many miles. I can say that traveling across the great ole USA on I80 the last two days: the wheat is definitely waving, there are acres and acres of amber waves of grain, and the corn is knee high to a grasshopper. I am thankful for this adventure, as "in a straight line going West" instead of "around a corner", and love spotting interesting things along the way. Check out my photo for today...as SUV carrying their kids bicycles..

BSoleille! The bright side of on the road again...


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day 2017

Happy Father's Day today and everyday you make a difference to your own kids, your nieces and nephews, the neighbor's kids, and the world around you! We are lucky to have you all in our lives, making us better as people, holding us accountable and being a friend when we need it the most.

My own dad (ojciec in Polish and pronounced: oy-chetz) is gone now, but he gave me lasting "words of wisdom" that I try to implement in my own life on a daily basis (the best one...if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything). And the Father to our children are also lucky to call Bill Tomoff...Dad!

I hope there are "grand" gestures of gratitude for the guys that get ties, hold the bags and put up with a lot of "you-know-what" most of the year. You are loved and cherished!

BSoleille! The bright side of a Happy Father's Day!

Photos of Bill with Olivia and Ryan and my own Dad

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pesky Buggers

One would think since it's been so nice outside that bugs and spiders would love being out of doors and windows, and never even "think" of trying to get inside...a house or car. Haven't they waited as long as we have for nice warm weather to play and have fun in the sun? So today I decided to have some fun taking photos of a bug (not sure of name) that kept hanging around the sliding glass door, and seemingly, wanting to get in. That was not going to happen if I could help it, and it seemed "patient" enough for me to take a few pics of him/her. After a long while, I'm thankful it went somewhere else outside to play, and not hang around the door for it to open and then fly inside.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Throwback Thursday Photo

Early 1980's; Reagan is President, breakdancing is in the streets, and we all went to the movies to see Ghostbusters. The happenings also included: "Tear down that Wall" (East and West Germany became one once again), Madonna and Michael Jackson were the queen and king of pop and a new generation of "preppies" were created to "have it all".

So I found this family photo while cleaning up some things and wanted to share. I'd say it was early 80's (Annette, Mom, Kimberly, Dad and me).